Solutions for Federal & State Agencies

Adanta provides practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for the complex environmental challenges of our government clients including interpreting and implementing environmental laws and regulations. Our environmental expertise drives innovation and creates value for our clients. 

Partnership approach to project delivery
8(a) business development program graduate, July 2022. Current status: Small Business
Thorough knowledge of federal processes, including base and installation clearances
Broad technical expertise from a qualified nationwide staff network.
Project Delivery

We have received more than 20 million in federal awards as prime contractor.

We've worked on more than 50 federal installations, buildings, and lands.
Department of Defense

We offer comprehensive environmental services to support the Department of Defense’s environmental goals. Our expertise spans environmental impact assessments, compliance with federal regulations, and the implementation of innovative remediation and waste management strategies to ensure the protection of resources on defense properties.

Department of Energy

Our work with the Department of Energy focuses on delivering environmental solutions that support environmental needs at national laboratories. Adanta’s services include radiological waste characterization, regulatory compliance, and remediation efforts aimed at supporting legacy management.

Department of the Interior

Partnering with the Department of the Interior, Adanta manages and preserves natural and cultural resources. We offer environmental planning, wildland fire planning, and ecosystem restoration services, ensuring that land use aligns with ecological preservation and public good for BLM, NPS, and other agencies.


Adanta brings health and safety services to NASA to support base-wide missions. Our work includes conducting safety assessments for facility operations, developing protocols for facilities, and ensuring compliance with regulations to support space exploration and research activities.

Client results

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Thoroughly investigating and remediating environmental contaminants to protect ecosystems and public health, utilizing advanced technologies for site restoration

Navigating environmental considerations into land use strategies, ensuring development is compliant with federal, state, and local standards.

Ensuring operational adherence to environmental regulations, facilitating compliance that supports environmental integrity and federal responsibility.

Offering end-to-end hazardous waste management services, from identification and collection to treatment and disposal, prioritizing safety and environmental best practices.

We provide facilities management and basewide environmental services across the federal space to employ resilient systems.