Strengthening community safety with tailored climate resilience plans

We offer an array of services to support communities and institutions in mitigating climate change impacts and enhancing resilience against rising sea levels, increased heat, drought, wildfires, coastal erosion, and more. Our approach involves comprehensive Climate Action Plans, Fire Management Plans, Climate Change Adaptation strategies, addressing sea level rise and coastal hazards, and implementing sustainability planning and waste reduction initiatives. We provide solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through meticulous analysis, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement.

We offer expertise in emissions inventories, technical studies, and comprehensive emissions reduction plans. Our team comprises planners, policy analysts, engineers, climate change and energy specialists, LEED-accredited professionals, and CARB accredited greenhouse gas emissions Lead Verifiers. We excel in bringing innovative solutions to comply with evolving environmental regulations such as AB 32, SB 32, SB 97, and SB 375, addressing a variety of decarbonization and sustainability issues.

We work with agencies and communities to protect people and infrastructure from climate risks.

How we help clients solve climate challenges

Climate Action Plans

We advocate for data-driven, technology-enabled transformations that prioritize talent, culture, and the optimization of corporate compliance operations. By placing these aspects at the center of our approach, we ensure that organizations not only meet regulatory requirements but also cultivate a compliance culture that is adaptable, proactive, and aligned with their overall strategic objectives.

Fire Management & Planning

Our work revolves around assisting clients in effectively managing financial risk and compliance throughout their production supply chain. We begin by quantifying a range of risks, including those related to trading, operations, and strategic aspects. By thoroughly understanding these risks, we can develop strategies and solutions to mitigate them effectively.

Sea Level Rise & Coastal Hazards

Our expertise lies in constructing advanced end-to-end credit processes that not only enhance clients' operational efficiency but also significantly elevate the quality of credit decisions. By leveraging our specialized knowledge and tools, we assist organizations in streamlining their credit processes from start to finish, resulting in improved efficiency and more informed and accurate credit-related judgments.

Sustainability Planning

Our focus is on supporting clients in establishing robust guardrails that minimize the risk of reputational damage or regulatory penalties. By working closely with organizations, we help them develop and implement clear guidelines and protocols that align with regulatory requirements and best practices. These guardrails serve as a framework for ethical and compliant conduct, safeguarding the organization's reputation and reducing the likelihood of negative consequences.

Project results