Understanding natural resources to improve human impacts

Adanta offers natural resource management, staffed with a team of botanists, biologists, ecologists, and land managers. Our expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including large-scale biological surveys, habitat assessments, and environmental monitoring. We excel in assessing and managing terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, sensitive natural communities, and wetlands, employing cutting-edge technologies for advanced detection and habitat suitability modeling.

Our services encompass habitat assessments, wildlife surveys, field crew management, and environmental training, all anchored in our commitment to the responsible stewardship of natural resources. Whether addressing biological, aquatic, or terrestrial concerns, our goal is to manage the natural resources crucial to our collective future, always in compliance with legislation such as the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act.

  • Terrestrial and wetland ecological survey and delineation
  • Biodiversity offset strategies and offset site management plans
  • Flora and fauna impact assessment and mitigation
  • Environmental management and monitoring plans
  • Threatened and endangered species survey, assessment, and management
  • Ecosystem restoration, reclamation, rehabilitation
  • Arborist assessments
  • Ecological risk assessment and mitigation
  • Ecosystem (economic) accounting
  • Integrated landscape and catchment management
  • Fire ecology and management¬†
  • Forest management
  • Construction oversight and monitoring
  • Natural resource policy management and evaluation

Delivering data-driven natural resource studies and ecological assessments

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Natural Resource Areas

Fisheries & Aquatic Science

We utilize advanced technologies and methodologies to conduct thorough and accurate assessments of aquatic ecosystems. This includes evaluating fish populations, water quality, and aquatic habitat health.

Land & Resource Management

We developed plans from simple invasive plant management to the development of extensive integrated regional management plans spanning thousands of acres. Our team evaluates current site conditions and formulates strategic goals and objectives tailored to each project, whether it involves mitigation areas, preserves, public lands, or tribal reservation lands.

Watershed Assessment & Management

Our services include watershed analysis encompassing ecological flow evaluations, establishing riparian habitats, and creating and maintaining instream habitats.
We also develop and implement watershed-based resource management plans. This includes crafting Watershed Management Plans, Master Plans, and Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMP).

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