How we help at all stages

Adanta delivers in-depth analyses and services to clients in the energy sector. Our partnership approach to each project with our clients creates value. Nearly 75% of Adanta’s energy projects are with repeat customers.

Preliminary Design Studies
Environmental Investigations
Documentation and Permitting
Environmental Construction Compliance
California Public Utilities Commission

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies must excel in every aspect of their operations, from research and development to supply chain management and commercialization. Flawless execution across these dimensions is essential for success in the industry.

Bonneville Power Administration

The MedTech landscape is undergoing rapid transformation with the emergence of innovative devices and products, integrated platforms, and digitally powered selling and service models. At Beratung, we specialize in assisting clients in navigating these changes by helping them develop the right strategies and execute them flawlessly.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

We can assist you in boosting market share in stagnant markets, expanding into lucrative new markets, optimizing the Medical Loss Ratio, harnessing the power of data analytics, enhancing member experiences, and streamlining automation processes.

Project Results

Developing environmental assessments to guide decision-making for energy projects.

We monitor and analyze air quality, aiming to minimize emissions and their impacts.

Creating community plans to preserve biological diversity while responsibly integrating energy development.

Ensuring energy operations meet environmental regulations through compliance.

Enhancing environmental monitoring and management in energy production and distribution.