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engineering compliance planning remediation restoration safety services for 15 years


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Base Wide Support

Ensuring comprehensive environmental compliance installation-wide.

Field Oversight

Providing on-site supervision to guarantee environmental regulations are met at every project phase.

Technical Support

Offering expert technical assistance for safe and compliant decontamination processes.


Categorical Exclusions (CATEX)

Efficiently identifying and addressing exempted activities to streamline your project's environmental compliance needs.

Environmental Assessments (EA)

Conducting thorough environmental evaluations to ensure your projects meet regulatory standards and sustainability goals.

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS/EIR)

Creating detailed and comprehensive reports to assess and communicate the significant effects of your projects on the environment.

Contamination Assessment & Remediation

Due Diligence

Providing comprehensive risk assessments to safeguard your investments against potential environmental liabilities.

Emerging Contaminants

Staying ahead in environmental safety by identifying and managing newly recognized contaminants with cutting-edge solutions.


Efficiently restoring contaminated sites to safe and sustainable conditions through innovative and proven remediation techniques.

Listening Carefully, Responding Effectively.

Why us

Nationwide reach, years of experience, and industry accreditation

Adanta is committed to providing high-level, integrity-driven guidance for environmental concerns, employing a team of seasoned scientists, engineers, and planners dedicated to crafting protective solutions and ensuring long-term success against environmental liabilities.


We believe in creating long-term relationships, which have supported our growth and success.


We have been involved in more than 400 projects including 100+ prime federal tasks.


We’re a small business with large reach, supporting select project sites nationwide.

Guided by our commitment to safety, our clients, and the environment

Safety Leadership

Prioritizing a culture of safety above all to protect our clients and the natural world we serve.

Environmental Stewardship

Committed to strategies that preserve and enhance environmental integrity.

Ethical Practices

Conducting our work with the utmost integrity, ensuring transparency and responsibility in every action.

Client Focus

Delivering environmental solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs with precision and care.

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and methods to deliver safe, efficient, and effective environmental services.

Collaborative Expertise

Pooling top-tier expertise and sharing knowledge to create lasting environmental outcomes.

Client Testimonials

Our lasting client partnerships are a testament to the exceptional quality of our scientific analysis and our continuous dedication to excellence.

Adanta has been a very responsive contractor and generally respond to requests within one day. Their local office is staffed with courteous and informed biologists. It has been nice working with them, as they have a thorough understanding of the contract, PWS, and plans, as well as how to execute those plans for habitat restoration.

USACE Sacramento District

Adanta continues to perform well above expectations in every facet of their responsibilities. They continue to demonstrate great care. Always going above and beyond what is required of them.


Adanta has provided the technical expertise necessary to successfully complete a variety of projects, including soil sampling, groundwater sampling, remediation, and risk assessments. Eden Housing recommends the environmental consulting services of Adanta.

Eden Housing

It has been a pleasure working with Adanta and their sub. The project moved smoothly and they are always quick to ask if we need any help or information, and will provide any required information in an expedited manner. I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

NAVFAC Southwest

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