Providing review and documentation for NEPA/CEQA

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), enacted in 1970, represents a framework that idealizes a harmonious union between human endeavors and the natural world, advocating for a relationship where progress does not come at the expense of the Earth’s health and vitality. Adanta provides Environmental Planning & Land Use solutions to clients such as NAVFAC, USACE, BLM, GSA, and DOE. Adanta offers policy development, project planning, and lasting solutions to agencies and communities. Adanta’s strength is communicating complex technical analyses effectively, ensuring high-quality, accessible, defensible documentation. Our technical staff excels in presenting intricate concepts in a comprehensible manner. Our services address client challenges, from national environmental issues to local concerns.

Previous Planning Documents we’ve completed have been related to:

  • Infrastructure,
  • Construction and Demolition,
  • Wetlands,
  • Aircrafts,
  • Fielding of Weapon Systems,
  • Hazardous Fuels Management,
  • Wildland Fire Management,
  • Transportation,
  • Biological Monitoring and Endangered Species Protection.

We provide the knowledge and experience to assess environmental impacts thoroughly and efficiently

We support a variety of environmental planning needs

CEQA Compliance

Proficient in Environmental Impact Reports, Initial Studies, Categorical Exemptions, and Mitigation Monitoring Programs.

NEPA Compliance

Expertise in preparing Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, and Categorical Exclusions.

Planning Services

Specializing in General and Specific Plans, Local Coastal Plans, Community Engagement Programs, and Contract Planning Services.

Corridor Studies

Covering diverse projects like Rails to Trails, Roadway Widening, and Utility Alignments.

Project Results