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Adanta has a track record of delivering project success and collaborating closely with agencies and stakeholders for transportation projects. Our expertise is providing Federal agencies, State DOT’s, and other partners with quality planning and safety documentation.

We conduct in-depth assessments to understand the specific challenges faced by healthcare distributors and their acute and ASC customers. This includes analyzing their existing inventory management processes, clinical/non-clinical workflows, and pain points in service delivery.
Adjacency growth strategy for a leading healthcare supply chain technology and services company, yielding a clear and prioritized roadmap for both organic and inorganic opportunities.
California Dept of Transportation

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies must excel in every aspect of their operations, from research and development to supply chain management and commercialization. Flawless execution across these dimensions is essential for success in the industry.

Medical Technology

The MedTech landscape is undergoing rapid transformation with the emergence of innovative devices and products, integrated platforms, and digitally powered selling and service models. At Beratung, we specialize in assisting clients in navigating these changes by helping them develop the right strategies and execute them flawlessly.

Healthcare Payers

We can assist you in boosting market share in stagnant markets, expanding into lucrative new markets, optimizing the Medical Loss Ratio, harnessing the power of data analytics, enhancing member experiences, and streamlining automation processes.

Healthcare Providers

To achieve and maintain a winning position, a well-crafted strategy, tailored operating model, and effective change management are essential. We can assist you in navigating these challenges, offering strategic guidance and expertise in designing and implementing the right operating model, enabling your organization to thrive in the dynamic healthcare industry.

Providing planning services that guide transportation projects through the NEPA/CEQA process, ensuring environmental considerations are at the forefront of development.

Deploying on-site environmental specialists to oversee construction activities, safeguarding against impacts to diverse ecological species and habitats.

Creating comprehensive health and safety reports and conducting risk assessments to maintain high standards of occupational safety and environmental protection.

Conducting detailed ecological surveys and preparing reports to support the conservation of biological resources and inform management decisions.

Leveraging UAV technology for advanced mapping and surveying, enhancing data collection and spatial analysis for environmental projects.

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