Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program Well Destruction at Sites in EPA Region IX

Adanta, in alignment with the statutory requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9, undertook the responsibility of performing assessment and closure activities at Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites in California. This contractual engagement focused on the proper decommissioning of groundwater monitoring wells at four distinct locations in central and southern California. Additionally, as part of the comprehensive scope of work, Adanta executed a geophysical survey at a fifth site in central California to ascertain the presence or absence of historical underground fuel tanks. This extensive project spanned the period from November 2021 to April 2023.

The multifaceted duties carried out by Adanta encompassed several key components. This included the meticulous creation and submission of site-specific Work Plans and Health and Safety Plans, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Moreover, the team navigated the intricacies of obtaining all necessary permits from local authorities to facilitate the fieldwork. Coordinating with a network of essential subcontractors, such as well drilling firms, geophysical survey teams, and traffic control personnel, Adanta orchestrated the seamless execution of field activities.

Furthermore, the project demanded effective collaboration with property owners and local authorities to navigate logistical considerations. Post-fieldwork, Adanta demonstrated environmental stewardship by overseeing the restoration of field sites to their original conditions. The completion of these tasks was complemented by the diligent creation and submission of both monthly and final reports tailored to the specifics of each field site. Adanta’s commitment to regulatory compliance, meticulous planning, and thorough execution underscores its dedication to ensuring the environmentally responsible closure of LUST sites in California.

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