Wildlife Monitoring for Support Point Closure at Former Moffett Federal Airfield

Adanta conducted focused biological surveys of burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) and engaged in biological monitoring to support the removal of a series of underground storage tanks (USTs) that had previously housed jet propulsion fuel. The removal process faced a setback in 2016 when groundwater was unexpectedly encountered, causing a delay in the UST removal. To address this, the project manager prepared an addendum to the Environmental Assessment (EA) drafted in 2016. This addendum documented minor changes to the project description, specifically focusing on dewatering and shoring the UST pit. Subsequent to the successful completion of the UST removal effort, Adanta installed artificial burrows as part of mitigation activities for burrowing owls. This initiative aims to compensate for the loss of previously installed artificial burrows and historically occupied burrows that were destroyed during the excavation, demolition, and grading processes. The comprehensive approach undertaken by Adanta underscores the commitment to both environmental preservation and the successful execution of the UST removal project.

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