Federal Facility Site Remediation Support for Naval Station Treasure Island

Adanta was contracted by Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest to support the fulfillment of the Naval Station Treasure Island (NSTI) Federal Facilities Support Remediation Agreement (FFSRA) requirements. The contract focused on four key objectives:

1. FFSRA Support: Adanta provided critical integration and coordination for all environmental activities to help achieve the Navy’s property conveyance goals.

2. FOST Update: Adanta updated the NSTI Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) and actively participated in meetings with land transfer stakeholders to facilitate acceptance of the final FOST.

3. Land Use Control (LUC): Adanta prepared and submitted the LUC report.

4. Aerial Photos: Adanta captured aerial photographs of NSTI.

As part of the task order, Adanta delivered essential support for the integration and coordination of FFSRA activities, updating the NSTI FOST. The project provided technical and logistical support for the NSTI environmental restoration program, ensuring coordination among different environmental programs (CERCLA, PCBs, LBP, petroleum, radiological). Adanta contributed to the NSTI Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meetings, offering community relations expertise and coordinating various logistical aspects.

Additionally, Adanta hosted BRAC Cleanup Team (BCT) meetings for regulatory coordination, providing meeting materials and handling action items. The company engaged in meetings with land transfer stakeholders to facilitate FOST acceptance and offered general community relations support to the Navy. Adanta inspected and updated Information Repositories for NSTI, prepared informational materials, and coordinated an annual community tour.

Furthermore, Adanta conducted routine activities such as preparing annual updates of the Site Management Plan, LUC Inspection Report for specific sites, and maintaining GIS and document databases. The company performed aerial flyovers of NSTI and Navy Station Yerba Buena Island, submitting aerial photographic data packages to the Navy.

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